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Welcome to the AVRT Members site

This part of the AVRT website was designed for the AVRT members only.  The links above in the navigation area of this website are to easily get you around the site.  The “AVRT.ORG” option takes you back to the main website.  The “Home” option takes you back to the home page of this extended site.  The “Quick Updates” option will take you to the blog section of this extended site.  The “Other Items” option has choices to visit the following areas: “Stipends” – “Awards” – “Scholarships”.  The “Conferences” option will take you to both upcoming and past conferences in which AVRT was involved.  The “News” option will take you to any new or old news with AVRT or anything that would pertain to vision impaired people which is taking place in this country.  Of course, the “Contact Us” option is self explanatory and will take you back to the main website’s contact page!  Basically, this site is made up of 2 separate websites.  The main site is a static html site which everyone will see.  The site you are on now, is for members only!!  Both sites are designed to interact well together.  If you have any issues or suggestions, please email them to me: Dennis Lang screamingeagle6158@gmail.com